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Racial Profiling

There are now two options to access the Department Reporting System (DRS) to file your Racial Profiling Report:

  • Through your agency's active TCLEDDS account.
  • If you do not have an active TCLEDDS account, a TCOLE-generated DRS portal.

Racial Profiling reporting has been integrated into TCLEDDS for agencies with an active TCLEDDS account. The DRS link within TCLEDDS allows users to enter their racial profiling data and submit it directly to TCOLE.

Other report data entry, such as Body Worn Camera report, will be available in the future. A TCLEDDS account is not required to report your agency's Racial Profiling report, but if you have an active TCLEDDS account, your agency will need to submit in this manner.

If you are a TCLEDDS subscriber and need assistance with your account status or login information, please contact Productivity Center, INC.

If you do NOT have a TCLEDDS account, you may submit this information via the DRS system, which is managed by TCOLE directly. For assistance with these accounts, please contact the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement at 512-936-7773 (Sgt. Cullen Grissom) or 512-936-7774 (Lt. Gary Conella).

The Racial Profiling Report is now available to DRS and TCLEDDS Department users.

The link to the Racial Profiling Report can be found on the site menu underneath the "DRS" section.

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